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W.A.M.Y. Community Garden

The community garden at  W.A.M.Y. donates all of its produce to local food banks.  WAMY Community Action, Inc. is a non-profit agency serving Watauga, Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties in rural Western NC.  WAMY's mission is to partner with communities and families to provide the disadvantaged the support and tools they need to become self-sufficient.

We are grateful to Avery residents Bob and Arlene Weiner for establishing the W.A.M.Y. community garden and continuing to maintain it throughout the planting and harvesting season.

bob and arlene.jpg

The garden consists of 12 raised beds, an extensive blueberry patch, a strawberry patch, and several fruit trees.  The Weiners hope to extend the community garden next year with an additional plot of raised beds, berries and fruit trees.  The community garden is a source of education for W.A.M.Y. participants as well as the local community. 


Check out the harvest pics below!  The first pic is an example of the (weekly) seasonal harvest that gets donated to the local food bank.

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