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Say Hello to Lil' Sprouts: A Garden Club for Kids!


Grow Watauga is proud to support 'Lil Sprouts: a garden club for kids! We are grateful to our partners, Western Youth Network (WYN) and Hospitality House for helping us pilot the program.

See pics of our first (January 2021) project below, where kids learned about growing bulbs in the winter. Each child received an amaryllis bulb, got to name it, nurture it, and finally watch it bloom!  Next up for March 2021: Growing edible greens with chia pets!

Our kids are so excited to be involved in this program and we hope to watch it grow through 2021.  If you are interested in supporting the garden club or becoming involved, drop us a line at



Project 1: Growing Plants from Bulbs

Project 2: Growing Edible Greens with Chia Pets!

Project 3: Kale and Lettuce Grow Bags!

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